Black ants are commonly found throughout the UK, and although they nest outdoors, they are often found inside. Ants range in size from 1mm to 52 mm and colours can vary; most are red or black. black ants on the tablecloth black ants on the tablecloth Black/Garden ants Are very dark in colour, and are usually 4mm in length.

During the summer, winged females and males are reared in underground nests. Occasionally they will swarm from the nest and mate, and on returning to the ground the males soon die. The females lay their eggs and spend the winter in hibernation. In favourable conditions the queen ant and her colony may survive for several years.

Pharaoh Ants Are yellow-brown in colour, and only 1.5mm - 2mm in length. Unlike black ants, swarms of pharaoh ants only mate inside their nest. Where do ants come from? Ants may build nests on trees, though most are found in the ground, under stones or logs, inside logs, hollow stems or even acorns. You could find ants nests in dry earth around plant roots.

The sand used in house foundations, garden paths and patios forms a good site for the queen ant to start a colony, as sandy soil in particular may attract colonies. Nests are increasingly being found inside the walls of properties (cavity walls, for example). Ants are social creatures, and live in colonies containing workers (infertile females), males, queens and grubs (larvae). Ants mate on the wing, so the "flying ants" are either males or immature queens. Once a colony develops it can be difficult to get rid of.

Crawling insects, such as cockroaches, carry a range of serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, gastro-enteritis and typhoid. The risks of contracting an illness are particularly high in homes with more susceptible people such as children, the elderly or those fighting existing illnesses. Cockroach droppings have also been linked with increases in eczema and asthma. Whilst the distress and irritation caused by fleas or bed bug bites is also very worrying. Follow the links below to learn about identifying what insects could be crawling about your home and how to minimise the likelihood of such pests entering your home in the future. Also discover how Rentokil DIY pest control products can help you, or learn about our professional home pest control solutions.

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