Fleas (Siphonaptera) -The adults are 2.5mm in length with a flattened body. They have a very hard outer skeleton which makes them difficult to crush.

BIOLOGY: Fleas are typically found where the animals sleep or visit and can easily be transported on shoes and trousers into other areas. Fleas can jump around 15cm and if their original source of food is not available they will feed off another host. Although they will not be able to reproduce they will live for about a year. They are activated by vibrations and breathing and can survive without a feed for up to 6 months if the property is vacant, vacuuming will help although a thorough professional insecticidal treatment will be necessary.

Bird Mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) - When birds leave their nest the red poultry mite will go in search of a new blood meal. You may feel itchy and see moving specs of dust on your walls, that is red poultry mite. The adult female is 1mm long in length and 0.4mm in width, varying in colour from grey to red depending when their last blood feed was.

Control will involve identifying the source such as a birds nest whilst treating the origin and destination of the insects.

The Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) population has exploded in recent years, partly due to the pesticides and that we have not been as effective in controlling them, but more due to their hitch hiking ability to spread around a town, country and the globe on transport networks such as planes, trains and taxiÕs, into hotels or our homes.

Adult bed bugs reach 5-7 mm in length, while nymphs (juveniles) are as small as 1.5 mm but are also laterally flat allowing them to access tiny cracks and crevices. Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in colour, appearing more reddish after feeding on a blood meal.

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