Filthy Rats or cheeky Mice are probably what we think of first when pest control is mentioned and rightly so. Rodents are never far away, taking advantage of any suitable harbourages that we provide and then taking whatever food supply we leave accessible to them.

The term Rodent comes from the Latin term 'rodentus' meaning to gnaw and includes, rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels etc. Rodent teeth continually grow which give them a need to gnaw to cut back their teeth to avoid abnormal growth. This gnawing action leads to destruction of millions of pounds worth of damage to products and building structures.

Rodent's teeth are as hard as iron and can easily gnaw through timber, lead pipes, hard plastics and copper tubing. The most common indication of an infestation will be gnawed products and droppings.

You can expect to find 60 to 80 droppings per day, greasy marks along walls and pipes may also indicate a heavy infestation. These are caused by smear marks from the rodent's fur, they are clean in themselves spending 4 to 6 hours per day grooming. Mice have weak bladders and urinate over whatever surfaces they pass over.

Any holes larger than a biro pen need attention. A rat will easily gain access through any hole larger than 15mm and a mouse 10mm. Pipes and cable ducts around a building are highways to access all areas. Proofing may consist of concrete, metal plates, expanding foam, wire wool or brush strips.

With all pest control we must remember that pests will take advantage of any situation that we leave them. A hole in a wall, a gap at the bottom of a door, waste food left out, food incorrectly stored, liquids or water available, these situations are all invitations to pests.

More Reasons to Eradicate Rats and Mice

The cost of rodents goes far beyond paying to get rid of them. You will have damaged products which you have to throw away, you will have damaged cables and pipes which need repairing or replacing, and you will have diseased bacteria which can be lethal such as Salmonella, Leptospiral Jaundice, and Meningitis which can be transferred to humans or animals.

Consider the cost of not controlling Rats and Mice. Damage to 20% of the world's food supply, structural damage or even fires to buildings due to gnawed wires, the transmit of diseases to humans and animals and Environmental Health Officer notices which can stop business's trading.

Effective pest control costs little more than what you spend a year on window cleaning, the consequences of not having pest control are at the other end of the spectrum.


The first grey squirrels were brought here from North America in 1876 and were later introduced by the Duke of Bedford to the park at Woburn Abbey where they thrived. Grey squirrels are adventurous and happy foraging on the ground where the find their vegetarian meals. Once in your property they may nest and gnaw through roof joists, electric cables and your stored items. Make sure that all potential entry points are sealed with no overhanging trees.

We can cure, but prevention costs less!

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