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Our Origin
One Team – One Aim – To service and protect our Clients

Established in 1985 in Northwest England, Pestokill grew organically through satisfied Clients. Between 1996 to 2003 we acquired 13 companies in strategic locations to enable us to deliver a local service across the UK, through a network of technicians across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

We are an innovative and forward thinking company and in 1998 Pestokill were the first company in the Pest Control Industry to introduce a barcode system and web portal for accessing service records to provide transparency to our Clients.

We realised early on that technology is there to enhance and compliment the interaction with our customers, to improve efficiency, have a smoother flow of information and to streamline our systems so that we can be more efficient and effective.

We haven’t stopped there and continually look to improve every aspect of our business to make us better so that our Clients can be better.

Pestokill aims to help you protect your property, staff and Clients against pests and disease.

Give us your problem and we will find a solution. It’s what we get excited about, when your being bugged, we are ready to help. We know that in many cases we can modify the environment and by understanding the pests biology and behaviour we can solve the problem.

Local People – Local Response – Nationwide cover – National Standards


Barcodes are used in our pest monitors to provide accountability that the monitors have been inspected with a time and date stamp and a log of pest activity and pesticides used. This electronic data is then uploaded to our database and made available through a password protected web portal. Our online Dashboard allows you to have a true view of what is happening instantly. 

‘Check Mate’ is our unique barcode system for total accountability that the service was completed. On inspection each pest monitor is time and date stamped along with a record of pest activity, and pesticides used. The digital data is uploaded and processed through our Central Help Desk and recorded against service records. With Checkmate everyone knows what was done and what wasn’t.

Pestokill will provide a secure web portal with a dashboard overview of the services delivered for your collective services and sites, along with access to specific reports which have been requested by our Clients. The web portal is designed for our Clients convenience and we will consider any other features that you may wish for.

Once on the web portal you can click through to our award winning ‘Check Mate’ site, where the information equivalent to your onsite paper based pest manual is available. Here you can access graphs of pest activity, site plans, bait check lists, report sheets, etc.

All the information you need at your fingertips.

Our Trials of ‘Enforcer’ Remote Monitoring systems are currently in progress. This exciting step will provide alerts when pests have been around, or when they havent to avoid unnecessary entry to premises and sensitive areas. Updates will be provided shortly on this exciting stages of pest monitoring. . . .

Rats, Mice, Ants, Wasps, Bedbugs and their Pesky friends  will take advantage of whatever environment we leave open for them. Whilst pests adapt quickly we often create ideal environments perfect for them to thrive.

Prevention really is better than cure, we know the pests behaviour, their favourite conditions and the food sources needed. The pests could adapt quicker than we react, however we need to make it more difficult for them to take advantage of us, rather than some of the welcomings that we often find.

Poorly maintained building or gaps left by building work, open waste bins or bungs missing, waste on the floor or a collection of discarded items or too much stock will result in a visit by a pest and their friends.

We need to keep one step ahead with a proactive pest inspection service.

Local Technicians

Our family business values have enabled us to grow whilst maintaining the core essentials – Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Perseverance and Inspiration are just some of the traits which our Clients take as a given, wherever their premises are.

By encouraging our teams to share our values, Pestokill have grown to more than 240 staff members which means that for every major town or city we have a local Technician within 20 miles and often around the corner. 

It is important to us that personnel are from the local community and understand the region that they service with good knowledge of local issues. We support this local identity with the Industry standards that we adopt to achieve consistency for all our Clients.

Family business values + local staff + UK industry standards = A reliable, consistent Pestokill Service

Staff Training

At Pestokill we have a program of training for our personnel and can provide bespoke training to your staff for greater pest awareness.

Training will be tailored to your exact requirements so that we can work in harmony with your team and support your Clients needs.

Titles include;

  • Understanding pests habits and behaviours
  • Pest awareness for BRC requirements
  • Pesticide Application & Pesticide free pest control
  • Bed Bug Awareness Pest identification and early detection signs

Whether you need basic pest awareness or a module of the British Pest Control Association syllabus we will be pleased to assist. This will provide you with a greater understanding of what we are trying to achieve along with challenges which we have to overcome. 

When there’s one it’s a curious guest, when there’s two they start building a nest, the third and beyond will become a pest, We are here to help

Open Now! COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Update : Continuing as normal.
Our service, specifically Pest Control is an essential service, our office team is largely working from home and we will be operating call outs for these services as normal during this time. Technicians will be practicing all precautions set out by government and company policy to protect our staff and customers. Please call to speak to us if you need to address any concerns.

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