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Origin of Pestokill & the Pest Control Industry


We are keen to keep our family business values that have been the foundation of our customer service and encouraged growth, through Client satisfaction.

We know that our personnel are vital to our success and encourage individuals who want to commit to us that we will allow you to grow with us and to reach your potential.

Our business and industry provides opportunities like no other business, we can succeed together.

Our leading Industry Association is the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) which we are full members. We have an obligation to ensure that all personnel work to the BPCA Code of Practice, become qualified to ‘RSPH level 2 – Award in Pest Management’ and achieve at least 20 CPD ‘Continuous Professional Development’ Points per annum in order to maintain our BPCA Membership.


There are several key Field positions that are achievable;

Local service Technicians carry out planned and reactive call to Clients and advise on pest prevention measures in a safe and effective manner.

You are the main face of the business which Clients will view how we perform and what we can deliver, the future success hinges on the local service Technicians service delivery.

An experienced Technician who will service to the highest levels with thorough knowledge of all industry standards and broad spectrum of pest control knowledge.  Capable of delivering consistently high standards.

In the Major cities where there is sufficient demand we have service Technicians who cover evening shifts carrying out local pest Technicians service, pest proofing to deny pest harbourage and entry.

A Team leader will co-ordinate the service delivery and support 3 to 10 Technicians offering guidance on routes, service delivery co-ordinating overdue work as well as encouraging the team members to deliver the best service that they are capable of.

A team leader will know and deliver the company standards consistently and ensure that the area is covered by a team member for call out and follow up visits 7 days a week.

Overdue planned, callout and routine visits will be monitored and a plan to service by the team leader.

The Team leader will also meet up with each of their team to complete quarterly appraisals which should be documented.

This role will cross between service, quality inspections, Audits and will be lead eradication programs where the local team are struggling to manage the site.

They will also ensure that Audit points are closed down and provide training support to Technicians for better service delivery.

The RSM role is an active field position supporting the Team Leaders and developing the region through improved standards.

The RSM must also carry out 1 appraisal per annum with each team member to support the quarterly appraisals carried out by the team leader. Part of the appraisal and awareness of service quality is to complete approximately 5 documented quality inspections per week, covering all team members.

Identifying staff training needs, ensuring that vehicles and equipment are maintained, ensuring that attendance is compliant and supporting the service delivery.

The RSM will ensure that regular team meetings are held and that business communications are shared to the team.

Where there are any shortfalls in Team performance or Client complaints the RSM will carry out the initial Investigation and feed back to the Management Team.

Our Field Biologist assess the service being delivered, site specification, Clients Operations and premises to ensure that a pest free environment is achieved and maintained. Following an inspection a detailed typed report must be created with images to describe the situation and the effect on current or future pest control issues along with a prescribed reason or solution to address current issues.

The Field Biologist will work closely with the Service Specialist, RSM & Team Leaders to ensure that Client satisfaction is achieved.

A selection of personnel of varying positions will be selected to deliver official training to new recruits on how the service has to be delivered to company standards.

This position will be appointed on a temporary basis by the National Training Manager based on current performance and will be duly rewarded.

There is a need for continuous training to achieve the minimum industry standards and enhanced training or subject specific such as food Safety, health and safety, access equipment, etc.

The appointed Class room Trainers will deliver and or organise training from third party trainers. This may be a time or part time position where a specialist subject is delivered.

The Directors will periodically appoint members to the Technical Advice Team who are all equals and respected to know their sector of the business and set standards that need to be delivered or improved by the business teams.

New initiatives and business aims and future directions will be shared and decided on how best to deliver this Directors goals through the business teams.

Periodic meetings are held and personnel invited to contribute.

In our business model the success is by having personnel trained to cover multiple roles therefore providing additional resources in the various divisions as the business ebbs and flows. Staff need to be trained to be capable and willing to support other parts of the business.

We have a team of service fitters across the UK who essentially carry out pest proofing, install bird netting and deterrents, along with clean-up operations.

This role requires persons to be good with tools and equipment, be capable of erecting mobile scaffold towers, working on MEWPS and working to strict health and safety rules due to the environments where we work.

The life blood of the business is Sales into new Clients to expand the portfolio, minimise travelling between sites and through expansion generate new positions for personnel, ultimately to improve profitability.

Whilst existing Clients may have a need for upgrades or expanded requirements, the Business Surveyor is there to contribute to the growth and expanding into neighbouring Clients are business sectors.

The Surveyor will have an in depth knowledge of the pest application techniques, be able to interpret Clients needs and be able to explain the benefits and features of the full range of services which we provide.

Larger Clients with multiple sites need support to ensure that services are delivered on time, interpret what has been carried out and the services delivered.

An Account Manager will need to provide report on all services delivered along with recommendations and improvements. The site reports such as Audits and quotes for along with upgrades and financial status will also be handled.

This can be a full time role or appointed a selection of Clients where other roles in the business are carried out.

The Operations Director Cliff Eccles CMIOSH AIEMA co-ordinates all health and safety measures.

Every person is responsible for safe working environment, however selected persons will be needed to support the business Health & Safety needs and therefore regional persons will be trained to support this essential business sector.

Our unique Heat and Go team treat bed bugs by heating up the rooms or structures where bed bugs are found. We need to achieve the correct heat levels for a sufficient length of time which means that bed bugs will be killed.

Typically Technicians for this role will need to work away from home periodically and work 9 to 12 hour days due to travelling and time needed on site.

For some Clients the services go back to nature and we have Falconers flying birds of prey against pigeons and seagulls.

We also have a need for ferreting and shooting against rabbits. Across the UK we have a mix of full time and part time roles.


    When there’s one it’s a curious guest, when there’s two they start building a nest, the third and beyond will become a pest, We are here to help

    Open Now! COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Update : Continuing as normal.
    Our service, specifically Pest Control is an essential service, our office team is largely working from home and we will be operating call outs for these services as normal during this time. Technicians will be practicing all precautions set out by government and company policy to protect our staff and customers. Please call to speak to us if you need to address any concerns.

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