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Birds of a Feather
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The Birds of a Feather division and Installation team is Managed separately due to the specialities, legalities and technical issues involved.. The focus is to support the pest control teams and Clients with the Installation of Bird Deterrents such as nets, spikes, lasers, gels and clean-up operations.

This division also co-ordinates the Wildlife Team flying Hawks & Falcons for Seagull and Pigeon Control, Ferrets for Rabbit Control, and other project work such as fly screens and pest proofing.

Controlling birds can be a sensitive issue, whether you consider them beautiful creatures or flying rats, in the wrong place birds are a problem which will affect your environment. 

To soften the public perception when using Pestokill’s service we have rebranded the services ‘Birds of a Feather’. Our Personnel can confidently be seen in public areas with Hawks, fitting deterrents or doing clean ups with a greater tolerance by the public to this brand. Give us your problem and we will find a solution, it is what we get excited about. 


Feral Pigeons are resident in many towns and will look to build their nests in any sheltered area. At best they are racers and have been used for carrying messages during war time. The feral town pigeons are considered disease carrying flying rats. Not only do they contaminate areas with heavy deposits of guano buiidng up below where they nest, this is both a health hazard for slips and also diseases which they carry. On top of that parasites, bird fleas and bird mites are often found when pigeons harbour in an area for too long.

If persistance won a medal Pigeons would be gold medalist, they hang around until you completely exclude them or make it uncomfortable for them. Spikes, netting, electric shocks, falconry are all used in the battle to move pigeons out of or on your budilings.

With a 6 year life span these socially monogamous birds are unlikey to move on by themselves.


Seagull control is a complex matter and may involve a range of solutions. In recent years their dwindling population has made it much more difficult to get licences for lethal control.

It is essential that all reasonable measures to prevent and discourage Seagulls from being in the area.

Our Installations Bird team will carry out an Environment assessment to establish the extent of the problem and offer a range of suitable solutions.

Seagulls live for up to 20 years and when they build a nest they are quite a size, if it rains heavily the nests can clog gutters and cause damage to buildings with flooding. During the Breeding season they are particularly agressive to protect their young.

It is better to plan to prevent Seagulls rather than try and cure them, when they already have chicks At which point it will be impossible and illegal to apply any control systems. Plan for prevention prior to Seagull breeding season.


With their striking black head and neck with white cheeks the Canada goose is native to artic and temperate regions of North America, however they migrated to Northern Europe and now a significant population levels in the UK.

They tend to be found around fresh water which provide few natural predators. Their success in growing significant population levels results in a build up of excrement which along with damage to crops means that they can be a considerable pest.

They can be very aggressive territorial toward humans and other animals or beg for food caused by humans hand feeding them.

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Our service, specifically Pest Control is an essential service, our office team is largely working from home and we will be operating call outs for these services as normal during this time. Technicians will be practicing all precautions set out by government and company policy to protect our staff and customers. Please call to speak to us if you need to address any concerns.

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