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Pests have no boundaries

Pestokill understands that one of the biggest threats to your business is pest activity, no matter how small. From drive-ins to white tablecloth, Pestokill has a tailored Integrated Pest Management Program that will protect your customers from pests that jeopardize health and safety.

Pests hurt Business in the following ways

  • They transmit disease-causing bacteria and pathogens that get transferred to your foods, food prep surfaces, cutlery, and customers.
  • Environmental Health Officers can close you to take care of any pest-related  offences.
  • They can then take you to court and fine you. If you have multiple Operations this will be a percentage of your entire business turnover.

At our initial inspection, the pest control specialist will survey your property and create an Integrated Pest Management Program for you.

When it comes to food, the cleanliness and hygiene of the production, preparation and storage area provides a good insight of what to expect for the finished product. Customers are aware of pests and will look at the entire premises and the employees for reassurance of the standards and conditions.

A pest sighting by a customer can be detrimental to your business reputation. Help to protect your customers, your brand and future with Pestokill’s planned preventive service.

Product contamination in the production of food will be costly, not only in downtime and stock damage, but also in reputation.

Our Surveyors or Field Biologists will assess the entire site operation with regard to pest management and prescribe solutions for all parties to action. Our in-depth assessment and detailed management system will provide speedy elimination of pests and help to maintain a pest free environment.

Hospitality-Hotels, Cinemas, Entertainment

The kitchens, bars, plant rooms, waste and storage areas are critical monitoring points to prevent rats & mice, ants and cockroaches. With a proactive planned maintenance and a thorough inspection service, a pest free environment can be achieved and maintained.

One of the most resurgent pests of the last few years is Bed Bugs. They can cause trauma for your Clients and it is vital that when suspected, a thorough inspection is carried out to rigorously check for signs of infestation. If present we will prescribe the best method for eradication.

A part of your ‘due diligence’ policy on Bed Bugs needs to be Staff training and periodic inspections, so that your staff can provide early detection to help prevent infestations becoming established.

Pestokill will advise on monitoring, detection and prevention systems. (see Bed Bugs).

Modern fly units have been designed to be placed in front of house as well as food production areas. The latest technology is used to attract flies and to produce UVA light for maximum effectiveness. See ‘Products Shop‘ 

Health Care

A warm open environment can provide a haven for pests to flourish, early detection by monitoring is the key to tackling pest problems before they become endemic.

Good hygiene and cleanliness can help to prevent the spread of disease, limiting the risk to public health.

Whichever part of Health Care you are involved in Pestokill have a service specification to meet your requirements and budgets.

In such a fast paced environment a pest control problem can bring a halt to any transportation network. Pestokill have years of experience dealing with the Transport sector, in particular the Railway, Aircraft industry and Ports.

On the Railways we have PTS trained Technicians to work on the National Infrastructure of Railways and Train operating Companies.

Shipping ports are a gateway where pests will thrive if left undetected and then spread across the Globe. Our trained personnel know where to look and provide total accountability that all prescribed areas have been inspected.

Our in-depth knowledge of how Aircrafts and Airports work is essential to this none stop Industry where pests can literally be from any corner of the Globe.

At Airports we have experience in managing the grounds and buildings as well as treating pests and disinfecting Airplanes.

Pestokill have Service Personnel near all Airports and work closely with the UK’s leading Pest Control Advisor ‘Advance Aircraft Fumigation Services’ for all Aircraft treatments. Our business association has helped both companies support the Airline Industry to maintain a pest free environment through a prompt efficient and effective service from companies who know the Aircraft Industry requirements.

Pests will take advantage of whatever environment we leave open, we often create ideal environments for them to thrive.

What pests are likely to invade your home or business today?

Rats and Mice are always nearby watching, waiting, give them an inch (or less) and they will bring their family in.

Cockroaches can come out of the drains (Blatta Orientalis) or be delivered with incoming goods, once inside they will rapidly invade every nook and cranny.

Garden Ants (Lasius niger) are perhaps the best known ant to the people of the UK. At home they will start outside and move inside to source food and harbourage, in business they will invade soft drinks areas, spillages and food stores. They will nest almost anywhere and whilst the flying ants emerge and swarm in the summer we are finding ants active throughout the year due to the climate and central heating. Although many people will try a DIY product there is an art to the application which must be thorough and an understanding of the insects behaviour is needed. Professional gels and banding insecticidal sprays are used to treat the nest and to create a barrier.

Wasps can be social and build nests together or solitary and lay a single egg in a crack or crevice. At their peak a social wasps nest can contain 6 to 10 thousand wasps which tend to be more aggressive toward the end of the year when the workers die off. Wasp stings are painful and can be dangerous. Their presence will spoil the pleasure of drinks on the patio and food from the barbeque, they also come into the premises looking for sweet treats.

Pestokill can treat the nest or supply wasp traps to draw foraging wasps away from a business critical area.

Bees may be solitary or may live in various types of communities, there are many varieties many of which do not sting or cause any harm. If they are causing harm and a risk to human health we can relocate or remove them.

Control is a necessity for these nuisance pests!

Most people may not associate pests with retail and office environments, but when pest infestations do occur it can cause great distress to both staff and customers.

Managing a retail environment can be a major challenge considering all the factors such as location, grounds, rubbish, type of occupants of the premises and the visiting public. Our pest management systems, technical knowledge and Technicians who are very experienced in the sector, will help you to maintain the highest standards.

Pestokill are Nationwide and therefore we can provide the rapid response you want, when you want it.

If the public are present or staff are uncomfortable in their Office the Prevention is a better option than cure.

Whether you have a large modern shed type premises, an old mill or premises that you have kept extending to suit your business pest control will be essential.

Pest control starts with making sure that the external entry points and harbourages within your premises are minimised. Due to the complexities of your site this may mean a planned inspection and typed report with digital photo’s by a Field Biologist.

You may have third party auditing which means your Clients will have set criteria that you have to meet. Pestokill operate to all of the standards and constantly review and update these for our personnel such as BRC 6, Tesco, M & S, A I B, Soil Association, etc.

If we can get it right at the point of manufacture and distribution it will be right throughout the chain that goods reach to get to the end user.

Occasionally pests can be imported into your facility on goods, pallets and inside packaging, it is therefore important to ensure that your premises are secure from pest invasion before pointing the finger at others.

Pestokill will risk assess your premises to generate the correct service frequency and specification to suit both your needs and the needs of your clients.

We are here to make sure you are successful.

One team, one aim, to service and protect Clients. Pestokill The best protection for home and business. Call us on 08700 660 999

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Dale G. - Cranbourne
Ardwicke Green Manchester

My elderly mum got the biggest shock when wasps were found in her beloved home. I then found Pestokill online and made a web enquiry. Within no time at all I had a response and a fixed cost. An appointment was made and the Technicians arrived on time, calmed my mother down and explained that they would get rid of them. They did exactly that and now there is no signs of them.

They were very reasonable with the price and the service was top notch. Well done and thank you to the Technician Nathan, if you have a nest call this company.

Faces-400x400px-1_1_28 (Demo)
Matt Kingston

At last I found a company that knows what they are talking about and I could trust. At first I called several companies and the treatment costs were sky high.  After speaking to the lady at Pestokill she assured me that for one fixed cost my pest problem would be solved, three visits later and I no longer have mice.  I chose the 48 hour response and got a fixed appointment that suited me as I finished work early that day.   Well recommended, hope I dont need them but if I do there will be only one call .

20 (Demo)
Steven Jones
Hemel Hempstead

I’ve found bed bugs 3 days ago after coming home from holiday abroad. After a little research I choose a heat treatment rather than chemicals offered by others. They came to my house with some giant heaters and I have slept peacefully and bite free ever since.  Recommend these guys for sure!

Faces-400x400px-1_1_22 (Demo)
Anthony Johnson
West Midlands

I just want to let you know how impressed I was today with your Bed Bug Detector Dave and his Dog  Milo. After completing a full Inspection on my house this morning, the Team pinpointed the Bed Bugs and I now feel assured that the heat treatment will solve this problem which 2 companies have already tried to solve with chemicals.

Faces-400x400px-1_1_22 (Demo)
Janet G

Excellent, professional, and thorough. The admin staff were very pleasant to deal with and incredibly helpful. The Technician was very professional with technical terms explained and found the route of the problem

Open Now! COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Update : Continuing as normal.
Our service, specifically Pest Control is an essential service, our office team is largely working from home and we will be operating call outs for these services as normal during this time. Technicians will be practicing all precautions set out by government and company policy to protect our staff and customers. Please call to speak to us if you need to address any concerns.

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