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Brown ratS
You may see them, hear them or get a sign of damage - We are here !
brown rat
Rattus Norvegicus

Also known as the common rat, street rat, sewer rat, norway rat, it is one of the best known pests.

The Brown Rat is a commensal rodent pest, it lives alongside us in our homes, businesses and countryside.
They are basically an external pest but will take advantage of internal areas if conditions allow. It has a wide
range of habitats but these can be clearly split into 2 main sectors rural populations and urban populations.

In urban areas rats can be found in any building taking advantage of manmade voids as artificial burrows but  specially associated with cellars & sewers, they will also take advantage of disused overgrown land, verges, embankments even flower beds in shopping parks. In these areas brown rats will still burrow to create a safe

  • They deposit 40 + droppings per day often in communal areas (rat toilet areas) faeces are capsule shaped and 20mm long.
  •  Neophobia (new object shyness) is exhibited and several days of avoidance of new objects is often displayed – baits are especially avoided.
  • Annual movements (in country areas) are evident with mass migration at harvest time & buildings are then sought for shelter and food.

Control includes proofing them out of the building

Denying Food Supply

Anticoagulent Rodenticides or Traps

Prevention is better than cure, call us for help if you have a problem or want to make sure that you don’t get a visit!

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