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Wild Rabbits
Destroyers of crops and cause land collaspes
Oryctolagus cuniculus

Wild Rabbits can cause damage to embankments such as a railway lines which can collapse, eat away your crops or plants and dig in and around buildings.


Breeding season lasts from late January to July or August although some sporadic breeding occurs throughout the year, the gestation period is 28-30 days. The average young in a litter is 5.The average number of litters per female is 4-5 year.


They eat around 0.5kg of green food a day and are totally vegetarian.


The pest act 1954 made it an offence to spread myxomatosis deliberately and prohibits the use of the gin trap to control rabbits. Also the pest act 1954 places an obligation on all occupiers of land to control rabbits living on or resorting to their land unless they can establish it is not reasonably practicable to do so when they must prevent rabbits from doing damage e.g. by fencing them in with rabbit proof fencing.


Local authorities have an obligation to control rabbits on their own land. The protection of Animals act 1911 makes it an offence to lay poison baits for rabbits. Prevention of Damage by Rabbit Act 1939 permits the use of poisonous gas in rabbit warrens.


Whilst lethal control is achieved with ferrets, gassing or shooting, rabbit fencing, building proofing and changing the foliage or environment can also give you the right results. Call for a survey to advise on your situation.

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